Breadboard Helpers

Breadboard Helpers

Just a quick post of a couple of Breadboard helpers that I made recently.  First one is a pair of little meters to indicate the voltage on the breadboard.  In the pictures, one side is plugged into the bus bar of the breadboard.  The other side is plugged into the 3.3v output of my ESP-01 Programming board.

The second is a little mount to hold either the 16×2 LCD or the 4×20 LCD displays that I commonly use.  It was simple enough to make, just a piece of acrylic that I cut out a slot for the I2C interface board that’s mounted on the LCD’s.  There’s enough clearance between the headers for them to slip right into the slot and be held in place.  I used a hot air gun to heat up the plastic while it was in a vise so that it could be bent.  They’re both fastened to the Mega board with a simple screw.

This clears up space on the breadboard so that the LCD isn’t just laying there in the way, and that it’s at an angle that it is easily read.  I made the meters because I did have issues with those little breadboard power supplies that are so popular dying and causing an over volt situation.  I’ve lost a couple of Arduino boards because of that so far.

I’ve actually given up on those little supplies and have since picked up a really nice laboratory grade variable power supply with a fixed 5v out off of Craigslist for a really great price.

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