Mason Jar Wall Sconce

Mason Jar Wall Sconce

I decided to build these mason jar sconces because we just no longer liked the sconces that were on each side of our wood stove.  The old ones just didn’t provide enough light, since they were candelabra bulbs our options on increasing the light were limited.  Since I do so much canning, I thought going with a mason jar theme might work out well.


The wood used for these was some Oak that I had laying around.  Cut, rounded off and then routed around the edges.  I used a brass plate as a reflector, that was cut with tin snips.  The back of the board has a slot routed in it so the wire can get from the top to the bottom where the mounting screw is.

Over all, they turned out well, and with the LED bulbs they run fairly cool.  I probably didn’t need to have so many vent holes, but they make a nice light pattern on the ceiling.

  • Filing out the brass bushing so the tab of the socket plate will fit.
  • Parts ready to assemble.
  • The wide mouth lid with it's main mounting hole and vent holes. The washer is to help support the weight once it's all put together.
  • Test fitting while I'm waiting for parts to arrive.
  • This style of LED bulb gives it an incandescent feel.
  • Installed and working well.
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