Sprunger Planer

Sprunger Planer

I found this Sprunger Planer on Craigslist (yes, I spend a lot of time looking for things there) for $60.  Included the motor and some beat up table, but it was in good shape and I felt that the price was fair for a vintage well made tool.

I already had a stand to use from something else that I built years before.  I added a couple pieces of MDF to the top and cut out a slot for the belt to feed through and a hole for dust collection underneath.  Used one of my favorite materials, PVC pipe to create a outlet for the shop vac to attach to.

I wired up an outlet to a switch on the side and an old extension cord to plug it into the wall outlet. The switch then turns on both the planer and the shopvac.  The motor, I mounted on the shelf underneath and then closed off the bottom with pegboard.  The idea being to keep things from falling into the motor while it’s running and to provide some ventilation for the motor to keep cool.

I removed the blades and gave them a good sharpening and made sure they were properly aligned.  The fence needed a little adjustment as well.  The blade guard I cleaned up and painted bright red as a reminder to keep fingers out.

The only real problem with it are the height adjustment dials.  Both shafts are stripped, probably from someone trying to turn them while the height screws were tightened.  Eventually I’m going to replace the shafts, I’ve found  a source for a shaft with appropriate splines cut into it, but I’ll have to have a groove machined into the new shaft.

Sprunger Planer
  • 6" Sprunger Planer/Joiner
  • Original name plate.
  • Mounted onto it's new table.
  • Splines worn off the adjustment shaft.
  • Painted the guard high visibility red.
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